PV Powered Solar Attic Fans

By GTI Industrial Products Co.

Save on Your Home Energy Bills for Many Years to Come!

In America, close to 40% of total residential power usage can be attributed to cooling & heating. By cooling your attic in the summer and reducing damp & moist air in the winter, SolarCozi can help improve the comfort level of your home.

SolarCoZi can help reduce your air conditioning bills by using energy from the sun. No wiring or additional power is needed.

SolarCoZi can remove more than 78,000 cubic ft of hot air every hour & prevent moisture air from your roof during the winter.

Super quiet operation, you won’t notice its running.

10 year limited warranty.


  • Product : 21.65” X 21.65” X 7.45”
  • 20.25 lbs.
  • Package : 22” X 22” X 7.5”
  • 21.50 lbs.                                                           
  • Pallet Size: 44” X 44” X 75”
  • 800 lbs.

Where To Buy?

SolarCoZi can be purchased from your favorite roofing supplier!

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